Tuscia - A Casket Priceless Treasures

Situated amongst Umbria, Tuscany, the Tyrrhenian Sea and the City of Rome the “Tuscia` is` the current territory of the district of Viterbo and is an area rich of wonderful testimonies from the Etruscans, through the Middle Ages, until the Renaissance.

The “Tuscia” countryside from a touristical point of view is exceedinly varied. Along a small region such as the Viterbo province, there are so many examples of unspoilt outstanding beauty that make this area one of the most interesting in Italy.

The sea coast is a sandy shoreline, with typical Mediterranean vegetation and in some points sand dunes can be seen. From the sea travelling inland, the area looks immediately flat in the Maremma, then hilly up to the Cimino Mountains, 1000 mt. and then descends into the Tiber Valley.

The volcanic soil of the Viterbo Province has favored in the extinct craters the formation of two lakes, Lake Bolsena (best volcanic lake in Europe for its size) and Lake Vico , both natural reserves of exceptional beauty.

From the Necropolis excavated in tufa, the Roman ruins, the medieval villages and small towns with their palaces, castles, villas and gardens, one can meet stories about "towns that die", parks filled by “stone monsters” and old memories.

The religious aspect of the area with many medieval churches, is mainly due to the “Via Francigena”; travelled by pilgrims passing through the area, used even now to reach the places of the christian religion leading to Rome.

In the various villages and towns you can enjoy throughout the year, traditional festivals and fairs, nearly always related to particular religious celebrations or the usual rituals of the countryside, accompanied by the typical handmade products and food & wine tastings of genuine cuisine to rediscover old flavors.

To sublimate the scenery of Tuscia is the flora, with beech trees , oak forests and chestnut trees, and hazelnuts plantations. We cannot forget this aspect of nature that sometimes makes the scenery of the Viterbo province, so surreal and fascinating. In Viterbo there are many thermal springs whose waters are used for medical purposes and relaxation in the various Spas.